Immigrate from India to Canada

Immigration Options from India to Canada

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In this article, we would discuss about some of the most common Immigration options from India. Every year thousands of Indian Immigrants make Canada their permanent home. If you want to be one of them, read this article till end.

Work after studies:

This is the most popular option of making a way towards Permanent Residency in Canada. Studies has revealed that almost half of the international students become a Permanent Resident of Canada within five years of completing their studies in Canada. Initially, the student completes his Canadian study and gain relevant work experience. This could make them eligible for Express Entry, which is one of the fastest way of Immigration in Canada.

Canadian Work- Permits:

Work permit holders can also apply for Canadian Permanent Residency if they have enough points in terms of age, experience, language efficiency, etc. To apply for right work-permit, an applicant should make sure the stream for which he is eligible. Some work permit stream are Labor Market Impact Assessment, Global Talent Stream, International Mobility Program, etc. 

Family Sponsorships:

Canada is one of those countries which allow their residents to unite with their family members with an ease. Therefore, if you are a family member of a Canadian Permanent Resident or a Canadian Citizen, you might be eligible for family class sponsorship.

Express Entry:

There are various immigration programs in Express Entry which is the fastest way of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada. This option includes Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Workers Program, Canadian Experience Class. If you are eligible for one of these programs, you can enter your information into the Express Entry pool of candidates, to get a Comprehensive Ranking System score. Finally, you will be invited to apply for Permanent Residency if you are one of the top ranked candidates.

Provincial Nominee Program:

Every province has its own system of selecting candidates for PNPs. Almost every province or territory of Canada participate in this program except Quebec and Nunavut. If you receive a Provincial Nominee from any province or territory, it would add 600 points in your CRS that could bring you to the top of Express Entry pool.

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