In-Home Care Giver

How To Hire a Caregiver in Canada?

Hiring a Caregiver is somewhat similar to hiring any other foreign worker but with certain specific criteria that only applies to this category of workers (Please discuss in detail with our experts)

In home care giver are those individuals who are qualified (who have either got a college certificate or work experience) to provide care for children, elderly persons or persons with disabilities in private homes without supervision. As per the earlier law, once a caregiver came to Canada to work for an employer they were required to live in the private home where they worked, but with the new regulations in place, there have been substantial changes to the requirements. If you have got any such opportunity in hand, let us discuss how to apply for a work permit in Canada.


In-Home Care

The employer who intends to hire a caregiver must make sure they qualify before applying for a work permit 

The application process for caregivers or as they are called now “in-house caregivers” has seen a lot of changes in the past couple of months.  

The caregiver can apply for permanent residence once they have completed working the designated number of hours as per law.

If you are a caregiver working in Canada and want to discuss the possibility of bringing your family to Canada or want to apply for permanent residence in Canada, please call us to discuss your case.

If you are an employer and want to sponsor or hire a Care give please call us to discuss the process in detail.

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