Recognition of Genuine Immigration Websites

How to avoid Immigration Fraud

Many people become victims of Immigration fraud every year as the people are less aware about the source of Immigration information online. As recently tweeted by IRCC, people must be careful when searching Immigration related information online. Following are some tips that can help you identify the immigration scams online. A website might be fake or a scam if:

1. the website ask you to pay to access the application forms and guides. IRCC only charge for the process of your application and all the forms and guides are available for free on IRCC website.

2. the website guarantee the positive decision of your application. No one can guarantee a positive decision for your application; it all depends on your eligibility for a particular class or stream.

3. the website looks like an official Government site but it is only in one language and does not have the URL or a URL that ends with “”

4. the website ask your financial information or make a deposit before you even start the application process.

5. the website was advertised in an email from a stranger that you did not ask for.

6. the website do not have a contact information of any person to be contacted.

7. the website do not have company’s or representative’s credentials.

If you come across a fraudulent website, report it to your local police, and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

For more information on Immigration fraud from IRCC website, visit

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